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Claudie Mackula is a composer and vocalist from Canada. She has been working intensively on music for over 10 years.

For the last three years, she has been working professionally as a vocalist with composers around the world. Several of her original vocal works have been published by a music production company based in Los Angeles. Her voice is said to be: "Ethereal, Pure and Magic".


Claudie is also a very versatile composer. Her work includes Acapella and choir vocals, fantasy music, orchestral music, Celtic music, emotional piano, lively guitar and trailer music. Her passion to experiment with new music genres has also seen the release of some chillout and electronic music.


Some resume highlights were composing music for theatres in the US, writing and performing a vocal themed soundtrack for XCOM's game mod, and  the performance of one of her pieces by the Music Conservatory of Aix-Les-Bains, France.

Whether it's film scores, songwriting or vocal work, she aims to deliver a product that will express emotions and life. She believes one of the main aspect of music is to evoke the right feelings, moods and images through melodies and sounds, in order to offer the listener a mesmerizing  and memorable experience. | Location: Prince-Edward-Island, Canada | Session Vocalist and Composer


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