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The Story...

Born in 1991, Claudie grew up in a family where music was part of daily life. At the age of three, listening to her father play the guitar, she decided that she would learn to play that instrument when she grew up. At thirteen, she had taught herself the basics of guitar and was already playing some classical pieces as well as doing accompaniments. 

A few years later, she and her sisters started a Celtic band in which she sang and played the guitar and keyboard.

In 2008 she discovered digital audio workstations, and a true passion. Even though music had always been part of her life and routine, the ability to record many different layers of instruments and voices, and use all of her talents at one time made her realize that music was a whole world for her to explore and learn from. Since then she has been composing and recording music every day.


In 2013 she decided to share her original work on YouTube. Now with over 7,000 subscribers, the response from the public about her music has been a wonderful motivation and inspiration to her.


2013 saw her first collaboration with a pianist from Croatia. Adding instruments and vocals to another composer's song made her discover yet another passion and skill. To date, she has done vocal performances in numerous music genres. She is frequently collaborating with composers from Europe, US, Canada and other countries. 
She enjoys working with others and takes a great deal of interest in the different aspects of music, such as how each song is specific to a style or personality, and how no two songs will ever be the same. As a vocalist, her goal is to use her voice to draw out and enhance the emotions, stories and personality already present in the tracks.


"Music is the best way of expression"

Claudie also likes photography, writing, crafts, juggling and Irish tap dancing. She enjoys the calm of nature, where she finds much of her inspiration.

Any Kind, any Style, any Mood...

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