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"Hello! Recently, a large music school in France has chosen one of my Celtic composition "Enchanted" to be performed by their orchestra as part of a show they are planning for May 2016. The show will be held in the auditorium pictured below, which holds 1,320 seats!! That means my music could be heard by thousands of people. The only problem is that this event is happening in France, and I am in Canada. Unfortunatly I don't have the fundings to afford this trip to Lyon and witness my piece being performed on stage. This is the reason why I thought about getting people involved in helping me to afford the travel expenses to get there. My trip wouldn't be before May 2016 so hopefully by then I can make it with your help.

Donations don't have to be a lot, together we can make it happen. :)


This is my chance to hear something I have written and recorded myself being performed on stage by an orchestra. I still remember recording this piece in my room and I feel like attending this performance would encourage me to keep pursuing my dream and inspiring people. This is a one in a lifetime experience and it would be the most heartwarming and motivational thing for me. To see how music that I have written can be shared, can travel, can inspire...

If I make it, I will be sure to bring you back videos of my experience being there for the show. 

Thank you for reading this, and even more if you are considering helping! This is truly a dream coming true. And I just want to be there to witness it. 
Every donor will receive a free upload of my piece "Enchanted" in high audio quality. 

Claudie Mackula"

An Orchestra Will Perform One of Claudie's Original Piece on May 2016.

Help Her To Be There...



Fundings will go towards cost of travel expenses to go to Lyon, France and witness a dream coming true!

$1000 raised!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

"This is like a dream come true for me, having a piece I have written in my room being performed in a concert in front of thousands of people. The only problem is that this is happening in Lyon, France and I'm in Canada. 
I'm trying to get some funding to be able to afford this trip to France next Spring and witness this event."

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