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Colossal Trailer Music - Metropia (Promo Video)

Featuring Claudie Mackula's Original Soundtrack "What Have We Become"

Published by the music production company Colossal Trailer Music, Metropia is a modern sounding vocoder vocal album with haunting themes, eerie moods, emotional, evocative and emotive stories of despair in the sad aftermath of an apocalyptic catastrophe. Perfect for that 1st act melancholy vibe. Visit Colossal Trailer Music's Website :!home

ARK: Survival Evolved | Ragnarok | The Cinematic Experience

Orchestral track composed and produced by Claudie Mackula

Claudie Mackula was hired to create the soundtrack for this cinematic experience. It is featured various instruments like guitar, tin whistles, and her vocals. 

Meet The Artist

From the YouTube Live

Meet the artist! On April 2020, Claudie Mackula went live on YouTube. 

Clothing Chain Promotion Video

Video featuring Claudie Mackula's vocals A-cappella "Finding Your Voice"

Cothing store from India.



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